MagiskSu Manager

The best alternative rooting manager to SuperSu. With MagiskSu overcome the dilemma of not being able to use either Google Pay or Netflix with System-less android rooting.

MagiskSu is an alternative root management application to SuperSu developed by Chainfire and this app is capable of altering system files with a system-less root methodology. With SuperSU, you will be restricted from using banking apps on your rooted devices such as Google pay and from using services such as Netflix. With MagiskSu you can easily get access back to these root restricted applications. And rooting android means getting privileges to customize/modify the system software codes of an android device which in turn allows installing software that the manufacturer or the device carrier had restrained. For more information on Android rooting, visit XDA developer forum /root.

Some custom ROMs that can be flashed after rooting your android device now comes pre-installed with Magisk because of the range of tools the software offers its users. Therefore initial research on unique device custom ROMs is advised.

How does MagiskSu offer a better solution than SuperSu Explored

Assume running banking applications on a rooted android device and a notification will certainly pop up with a message saying that the phone is rooted so running this sort of service, therefore, has been restricted. This would be the typical case with using SuperSu root manager to broker device root permissions.

With SuperSu, to use these services, an unroot process will be required and when done, rooting the device again will be a massive time-wasting hindrance. This is because Google's SafetyNet API detects root by checking if the device's system partition files have been tampered with. And when it detects alterations, it will immediately block these apps. This is the dilemma with SuperSu's rooting technique of altering system partition files to achieve root status. As a solution for this system-less rooting was invented which alters only the boot image partition which helps to conceal root.

How MagiskSu Manager Work

When the app is rooting the android device, instead of altering system partition files, this app alters the system boot image and this is so that it can easily slip past Google's SafetyNet check and avoid getting blocked. This app is based on SuperSu but works in a completely different manner. It is an open-source rooting application and a root brokering manager.

It also has the universal system-less interface and this helps when the user wants to create a mod or app. This is mostly because this app offers a range of services the same as the powerful Xposed Framework. This app offers a range of modules to choose and download from. MagiskSu will help the user hide root from other various apps that need a little camouflage to get things done.

When the device is rooted with MagiskSu, the app won't do anything to the system partition files instead modify the boot.img to magisk.img which means it won't add any extra system files. Whereas when Su roots, this adds files to the system partition as well as do changes to the system files. This results in the device not receiving any OTA updates, etc.

Supported Android Versions

The app will work fine from Android Version 5.0 to latter Android OS releases. Xposed Framework is not available for Android Nougat, therefore, no need to download this app separately. MagiskSu comes integrated with Xposed Framework services thus providing access to modules that can be accessed in Xposed Framework.

Android 4.2+: MagiskSU and Magisk Modules Only. 

Android 4.4+: All features available (*2). 

Android 6.0+: MagiskHide guaranteed support (*3). 

Android 7.0+: MagiskHide full protection. 

Latest Tool Version Specifications

Name:Magisk Manager

Last Update released on June 30th 2019

Android Version required for Magisk to work: 5.0 and latter android versions 

App size: 1.85 MB 

Developer: topjohnwu

Initial Preparation

Rooted Android device is the first and the foremost requirement for installing Magisk on a device. Then installing TWRP recovery is quintessential. But in the case, you don't have TWRP recovery then installing the Magisk Manager Android application. In the case, the device isn't rooted with Magisk rooting is possible as well. For this, flash the zip file then install Magisk on the Android device.

Important*- Back up all device data before proceeding with any step related to this process.

App Advantages

  • Financial apps will be restored
  • Snapchat app restored
  • Pokemon go will be playable
  • OTA updates
  • Able to install System-less Xposed Framework on Lolipop and Marshmallow
  • Access to Android Pay
  • Latest Magisk Su Manager version available: Stable Magisk Version: v19.3, Beta Magisk Version: v19.3, Magisk Manager Version: v7.3.1.

App changes log for Magisk V19.3

[MagiskHide]Improve process monitor implementation, no longer cause 100% CPU and daemon crashes

[MagiskInit]Wait for partitions to be ready for early mount, should fix boot loops on a handful of devices

[MagiskInit]Support EROFS used in EMUI 9.1 

[MagiskSU]Properly implement mount namespace isolation

[MagiskBoot]Proper checksum calculation for header v2

Known Issues (compatibility issues etc)

There seem to be recurring issues reported in Google Pixel devices. It is reported that work is in progress for fixing these issues.

Magisk Manager is not permitted to be placed in adaptable storage units and superuser will not work.

MagiskSu rooting tool will not support multi-user and work is n-progress to fix this. MagiskSu does not work on Android O preview.

For troubleshooting and to know more about other app issues, visit app dedicated XDA forum here.

Preparing Device For Installation

Pre-requisites for installation

For Huawei devices running EMUI 8 and higher and for Samsung device that is launched with Android 9.0 (new devices in 2019), please check pre-requisite installation notes by topjohnwu here.

  • In the case of installing custom kernels, flash the zip AFTER installing Magisk.
  • Make sure to remove any ‘boot image mods’ such as other root solution service apps. The easiest way is to restore the boot image from factory images or reflash a non-pre rooted custom ROMs.

Downloading and Installation process

Step 1 :Download the firmware for the device and unzip the firmware then copy the AP .tar file to the device. It will be typically named as AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5

Step 2 :Install the latest version by using the sources provided below

Mirror 1
XDA repository sources for latest stable, beta, uninstaller and magiskSU manager

Step 3 :Install → Install → Select and Patch a File and select the AP tar file. The app will patch the whole firmware file and store the output to [Internal Storage]/Download/magisk_patched.tar. Then copy the tar file to your PC (using ADB), and boot your device to download mode.

Flash magisk_patched.tar as AP in ODIN, together with the BL, CP and HOME_CSC files. Never flash only an AP file, as Odin can shrink your /data file-system.

Important: Uncheck “Auto Reboot” in Options!

After the app has been successfully installed, follow the following instructions for app use.

Step 4 :Boot into the stock recovery mode to factory reset the device.
Full data wipe is mandatory! Do not skip this step.

Press Power + Volume Down to exit download mode. As soon as the screen turns off, immediately press Power + Bixby + Volume Up to boot to recovery partition. To boot into stock recovery mode, continue pressing the volume up button until the stock recovery window opens.

Step 5 : In the stock recovery menu, use volume buttons to navigate through menus, and the power button to select the option. Select Wipe data/factory reset option to wipe the data of the device.

Step 6 :Now boot to the system. Select Reboot system, and immediately press Power + Bixby + Volume Up. After seeing the bootloader warning screen, release all buttons so it can boot to the system.
The device will automatically reboot for the first time it boots. This is a typical occurrence.

Step 7 :After the device is booted up, do the usual initial setup. The following steps will need an internet connection.

Step 8 :If the app cannot be seen in the app drawer; manually install the APK.The app would be a stub and it shall automatically upgrade to the full app status when you open it.

About Tool developer

This tool is developed by the infamous topjohnwu as an alternative means for SuperSu developed by the notorious Chainfire. Since Su was sold off to a Chinese company, app updates have never been constant and there really has been no new mountable updates for this app so far, therefore, MagiskSu is the current best option.

Additional notes for users

The tool will patch 3 partitions on the device:

vbmeta :Replace with empty vbmeta image to disable partition verification.

boot :Remove the signature of the image to prevent soft bricks. Boot into the stock recovery mode to factory reset the device.

recovery :This is where Magisk will be installed.

  • [*} important: Never try to restore the 3 images above back to stock! This will brick the device and to restore you need Odin for a factory reset.
  • In the case of upgrading the device, never flash the stock AP tar file with above mentionable. Always pre-patch the firmware before flashing in ODIN.
  • Otherwise manually create a tar file with at least vbmeta.img, boot.img, and recovery.img to let the tool patch the images properly.